The Seasons Have Changed!

The Seasons Have Changed!

The kids have went back to school, the leaves are changing colors, and babe the temp is dropping! If you're anything like me, the sun is what's gonna be missed the most. Regardless, how has your life been since the fall came? Hopefully you're getting cozy in the house with your favorite throw and most comfortable loungewear.

I love nothing better in this season than to be warm and cozy. Whether that be with family, friends or just some self-care time, I have to feel warm and cozy. Seasonal depression is about to try and knock us down and nothing fights it more for me than putting effort into me. Spending time with myself, doing the things I love and being around love always keeps my spirits high. Loving yourself also is making sure you look as good as you feel

As you know, the KYK Biker Shorts are undefeated and are perfect for being comfy in home. The buttery soft feel, along with the ultimate stretch makes them perfect for lounging. Well since its cooling off outside, we have KYK Leggings coming in stock very soon and trust me, they are just as comfortable as the bikers. We are also mixing in some cotton leggings too just so you are the warmest around this time of year. 

I began pursuit for my MBA this fall and to be honest, idk where I would be without KYK Loungewear. When it comes to staying up all night or doing miscellaneous things around the house, comfort is the only way to go. Each item has made me so content working from home, doing homework, cleaning the house, it literally gets no better! I just hope that as the weather begins to change, you don't forget to treat yourself and make sure you are comfortable in everything that you do! 

Talk to you in a few weeks girl, but don't forget STAY COZY!

-Avory CharDe' 

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