Winter Birthday Fashion Blues

Winter Birthday Fashion Blues

GIRL ITS COLD! 🥶 Every year I act so surprised when this weather shows up like I didnt know this time of year was coming. BFCM and the holiday season just passed so we got all this cute stuff waiting to get worn and the weather just won’t let us be great.

Trust me, the snow is oh so beautiful to see but its horrible living through it lol. So please believe that soon as I got the chance, selfcare was at the top of my list. Something I enjoy doing in the winter & especially since I’m single, is taking myself out & looking good doing it. A week or so ago I took myself to get a massage wearing the Stacey Sleeveless Jumpsuit in Chocolate, a coat from House of Rehab and some Uggs. Nothing too crazy but it was giving Self Care Baddie! 🥰

In my opinion when you look good, you feel even better so I walked out of that massage feeling relaxed & looking fly girl. But while in there, I couldn’t help but ponder about my birthday being on 1/30 and how this year is my last twenty something year 🥹 and its so bittersweet. Yes, I am so proud of all that I’ve attained and accomplished in my twenties, but I can’t help but to be a little fearful of the unknown. What will my 30’s be like?

This store was the baby I gave birth to in my 20’s & I plan to keep growing her through my 30’s. But year 29 is my fearless year and I’m running towards my dreams and goals with nothing holding me back and I hope this year is the same way for you!

Since we’re celebrating loving everything about us and not letting anything hold us back, you gotta treat yourself! Use Code “BDAY29” for 29% off purchases $29 or more! The code is only valid until 1/31 at 11:59 PM. Happy shopping & remember to stay fly always!

- Avory Charde', CEO/Owner

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